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Get your SUGARING on!

FEMALES Sugaring Services

Eyebrows $15
Lip $12
Chin $12
Sideburns/Fingers $12



Hands $15

Bikini line

Bikini line & top/middle



LA Brazilian Virgin (New Clients 1st time Sugaring or 2+ months of hair growth) Includes FREE Hungarian Mud Treatment. and an exfoliating glove

LA Brazilian Bare & Smooth (A woman who hates hair and gets sugared every 3/4 weeks) $60

LA Brazilian w/Design (A woman who hates hair and wants a strip )

Heart or triangle design



Full Arm $37
Half Arm $27
Underarms $25
Shoulders $20
Abdomen/Stomach Full $35
Abdomen/Stomach Strip $15

Chest Full

Chest strip-between breast plate



Back Mid $30

Back Full

Back Upper $30
Back Lower $30
Full Leg $75
Half leg $43
Toes & feet $20

Manscaping- Male Grooming-Professional services ONLY!

LA MAN-zilian (1st time Sugaring or 3+ months of hair growth. Everything is gone front and in between butt cheeks.) Includes a FREE exfoliating glove and Hungarian Mudd Treatment

Brazilian with buttocks



Shaft, scrotum, in between buttocks


Shaft and scrotum ONLY


In between buttocks ONLY

Buttocks only



MAN-zilian Sexy & Smooth** (Only after your 1st sugaring) to getting Sugared every 4 weeks


Half Leg $47
Full Leg $77
Full Arms $47
Half Arm $37
Fingers/Hands $20



Neck back

Neck front

Neck front with Hungarian Mud treatment




Cheeks $15
Nose $12
Ears $15











Abdomen Strip $20
Chest strip collar bone to top of sternum $20
Chest and Abdomen/Stomach $70
Chest collar bone to tip of abdomen/stomach $40
Back Full $65

Back Lower/Mid/Lower




Feet $15

Services for Teens Please review services for Females and Males. Parent consent is necessary.

Treatments for Ingrown hairs and skin discoloration (dark spots)

Hungarian Mud Puddle Treatment $10

Say "Adios" to ingrown hairs and pimples with this detoxing treatment for the hair follicle. Hungarian Mud keeps the follicles clean and is great for ingrown hairs.

Soft Scrub Treatment $10

MAX the level of smoothness with a dead sea salt.

Exfoliating Glove $5

These are a must have to say "Adios" to dead dry skin by exfoliating to maintain the soft and smoothness of your skin after sugaring. You can use with the dead sea salt scrub.

Phenomen-all Treatment $10 (Ingrown Treatment)

Rejuvenating treatment that will help with your ingrown hairs and dark spots on your skin. Replenishes moisture, clams irritaiton and soften skin cells.

Get the Phenomen-all Treatment and Hungarian Mud Puddle Treatment for $17!!!