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SugarKane Sugaring Spa

Welcome to the land of SUGAR!. I'm Ky' Lockhart, Sugarist and Professor of Skin,a professional Sugaring business nestled in a an office suite inside Life Storage in Cary, NC.

I provide the GENTLE way to be HAIRLESS! Body Sugaring is a 100% all natural ancient Egyptian technique that leads to permanent hair reduction. Sugaring is using a SUGAR paste to remove unwanted body hair for MEN and WOMEN!

I specialize in Brazlians for MEN and other Manscaping services. Some of the more common benefits our clients experience are:

  • Hair is extracted in the direction of hair growth so Sugaring is LESS painful than waxing or laser
  • Sugaring leads to permanency- because it collapses the hair follicle and extracts hair 1/8th inches long
  • Sugaring is not hot. It is applied at body temperature
  • No ingrown hairs or irritation
  • Great for MEN, Manscaping, and females
  • Sugaring is for people who want to remove their unwanted body hair removed i.e. professionals. NO inappropriate behavior will be tolerated.

Online scheduling

Please contact to try the heathier choice for your skin. Waxing is old get with the NEW SMOOTH Sugaring! Your skin will be glad you did. I'm passionate about hair removal and no hair will be left behind about hair removal with SUGAR! Please leave a message if I don't answer I'm Sugaring. You can email me at sugarkanesugaring@gmail.com or call me at 919-744-4003. I will return your call or email with in 24 hours.


Ky' Lockhart


Bikini Line $501

LA Brazilian $705

*All sales are final and no refunds*

Sugaring Paid in Advance
  • Purchase 6 of any sugaring service and get one FREE!!

  • Purchase 9 of any sugaring service and get 2 FREE!!

  • First time clients purchase 9 of any services and get 3 sugaring services FREE!!

*All sales are final and no refunds*

Sugaring for College Students & Teachers

Show your active college ID or school badge purchase 3 of any sugaring service and one FREE!

You must be currently enrolled in college or currently employed teacher.

Schedule Your
Sugaring ASAP!

Book your appointment today to start 2018 with a NEW SMOOTH! SUGARING!


Are you a professional that desires a Sugaring service and nothing more? Do you want to boost your confidence with healthy skin? Don't put off SUGARING any longer. Your skin will thank you for it! Call today and allow us to share the countless benefits of SUGARING in a safe, grade A salon suite, and clean and safe environment for MEN and WOMEN. To learn how to schedule your Sugaring service today, click here.

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Map & Directions

Need a map and/or directions to our clinic? Check out our interactive map to ensure you arrive safe and on time for your upcoming Sugaring appointment.