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Pre and Post Care for Sugaring

It is extremely important to understand the process of Sugaring and cautions before getting a service. Please be advised that Sugaring will remove your hair and deeply exfoliate your skin.

Pre Care for Sugaring
  • Please come with your hair at least 1/8" which is about the length of a grain of rice (7-10 days of hair growth) to lead to permanency.
  • Do not exfoliate the day of, the day before, or the day after the sugaring service.
  • Come with your skin clean; no creams, no lotions, deodorant, or perfumes.
  • If your doctor allows you to use pain medicine take 20 minutes before your Sugaring service.
  • Please be aware that skin that has been sunburned, areas of open skin, or treated with professional products like Retin-A CAN'T be sugared.
  • You must wait a minimun of (7) days before sugaring after a light chemical peel.
  • Sugaring can't be performed if you've been in a tanning bed or sunbathing the same day.
  • Sugaring can't be performed if you have had a laser skin resurfacing within the past year.
  • Sugaring can't be performed if you have a physician administered peel within the past two (2) years
  • Do not schedule your appointment while on antibiotics, if you think you may have virus/infection, or during menstrual cycle, you will be more sensitive.
Post Care for Sugaring
  • Exfoliate with massage gloves 48 hours after your sugaring service reguarly to prevent ingrown hairs
  • Do not shave or use a razor in between sugaring
  • No sun/tanning booths for 2 days
  • Do not exercise immediately after your service
  • Soak in Dead Salt to help to detoxify the pores
  • Do not lay or wear anything dark in color. The dyes may irritate your skin. Men if sugaring your back or chest bring a white shirt to put on after the service
  • Hydrate with lotions with WATER as the main ingredient
  • To get the best results from Sugaring, It is imperative to schedule your next 3 sugaring appointments within a month to remove hair in the anagen stage (1st 3-6 weeks after your last appointment) to collapse the follicle to lead to permanency
  • Avoid perfumes or soap that can be irritants to your skin
  • Medical experts recommend to abstain from sexual activity for 48 hours any type of bikini sugaring. Your body is most susceptible during this time to outside bacteria which can cause an infection
  • Congratulations! You have started a life to be hair-free!